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Pastor CR Jones Testimonial

Bishop has served as my Bishop for the past eight years until his retirement. As his son in the ministry for me it has always been an honor to be identified or recognized as such, because of the work, walk, worth, and word of Bishop.  Even after retirement I still seek guidance and counsel from Bishop Dillard. He has agreed to serve as my Father in ministry until God calls one of us home. That’s how much I respect and love this Man of God. I thank God for such a powerful, profound, prolific, prognosticator in Bishop Wm. LaRue Dillard.

Because of Calvary,

Pastor CR Jones

Coach Mike Testimonial

My name is Mike Pointer, 20-year member of Second Baptist Church Monrovia. Bishop William Larue Dillard was like a Father to me. He came into my life at a time when I was newly married and needed a strong, Godly Male figure in my life. As I watched and was led by him through the years, he helped me lead a successful marriage as well as train up Godly children. His leadership skills and qualities have also helped my business continue to grow into a major success over the last 2 decades. I attribute much of my life's growth and success to Bishop William Larue Dillard. 

Coach Mike!/Founder

Hey, I Saw Your Commercial

Patricia Duff-Tucker Testimonial

When I came to Second Baptist in 2002, I was spiritually lost and did not know it. Although, I was smiling, I walked around with an invisible dark cloud hovering over me. 


I accepted the Lord Jesus Christ at the conclusion of one of Bishop's sermons. His ministry of teaching, writing , preaching, and praying for me changed my entire life. Over the next 17 years, my relationship with my husband, daughter, other families and friends changed due to his messages of listening and obeying Gods Word. I have adopted one of Bishop’s sayings as my own. "What God Guides He Provides," from Proverbs 3:5-6.


Patricia Duff-Tucker
Past President of Set for Life (non-profit)

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