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About Bishop

Wm. LaRue Dillard, Ph. D.

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A native of Suffolk, VA., raised in Brooklyn, NY.

An Air Force Veteran, and an Ordained Clergyman

of the Baptist Faith for over 63-years, and a seasoned

Under-shepherd--serving for more than 55-years.

 My motto: “What God Guides, He Provides!”

The force of my clergy ministry has been in the area of:shaping the hopes and hurts, successes and failures, joys and sorrows of the people of God. I envision a partof my clergy task is as an encouraging cheerleader for the affluent as well as the down-trodden of their lives and a confidant for their triumphs.

My academics includes earning an under-graduate and graduate degree both a Doctor of Theology and Doctor of Human Behavior at  Pacific Life College, America Bible Institute, and Hamilton University.


Biblical Ancestry Voyage:

Revealing Facts of Significant Black Characters

Biblical Ancestry Voyage reveals facts of significant black characters in the Holy Bible of several ethnic groups of humankind, especially people of color. Further, to dispel the false notion that the Holy Bible was written for Anglo-Saxon ethnic people.

(This has been the status quo of the teaching almost worldwide as it relates to God's use of ethnic people listed in the Holy Bible.)

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